Back at the Piers – 92 and 94 – The Armory Show is drawing once more a colorful and affluent crowd of collectors, gallerists, curators and artists to join its regular show and special events like the Invited-Guests-Opening with a special preview program.

Accompagnied by a host of side events, gallery openings and museum invites throughout the city spring feelings are becoming manifest for contemporary art savvies. The Armory Show is devoted to showcasing the most important artworks of the 20th and 21st centuries. In its sixteen years the fair has become an international institution, combining a selection of the world’s leading galleries with the  Armory Art Weeks as its celebrated by-program.

This year’s focus is on MENAM – the Middle East and North Africa region. As this year’s commissioned Artist, Abu Hamdan has developed a series of works specifically for the fair, as well as a limited edition artwork benefiting the Museum of Modern Art.  A Convention of Tiny Movements is a project dispersed throughout fair, comprised of a new audio essay, a series of amalgamated objects, and a specifically designed series of 5,000 potato chip packets, distributed as a free souvenir.

This collection of works proposes a series of ways to approach, inhabit, and conceive of the new aural world that emerging audio technologies, such as voice stress analysis, are forging. This collection of works warns us of increasing surveillance, but also for the first time allows us to hear the world from the perspective of objects—a new way of listening to our world that breaks down that all-too-tidy divide between the subject and object. A Convention of Tiny Movements will be on view throughout The Armory Show.

The fair is also a showcase of New York’s Chelsea art district. In the last decade, significant cultural redevelopment of the area has been underway:  The Hudson River Park, extending from Battery Park to 59th Street, is the largest park to be created in Manhattan since Central Park (completed in 1873); The highline which is one of the most regarded urban design and development projects of recent years as well as the sprawling gallery landscape featuring showrooms from small to gigantic and concepts from non-profit to mega-biz.

5 – 8 MARCH 2015